Stop the Spread!

Wear a Cloth Mask in Public

Person-to-person contact is the primary way COVID-19 is spread. Many people infected with COVID-19 may be completely asymptomatic, i.e., without any symptoms. A simple cloth mask (that you sew at home!) placed over your face will help reduce the spread of virus particles you may breathe out or cough.

Wash your hands

You can pick up the virus from people and surfaces and transfer it to your mucuous membranes when you touch your face. So wash your hands frequently!

  • Lather your hands substantially.
  • Rub briskly for 20 seconds or more.
  • Rinse and apply hand lotion to keep your hands moisturized.

Don't Touch Your Face

The COVID-19 coronavirus gets into your body principally through your mouth and nose. Avoid transferring virus from your hands to anywhere on your face. It's hard to break the habit of scratching your face, but try hard! Wearing gloves is not a benefit over simply handwashing if you touch your face while wearing them or don't remove them properly.

What other precautions do you need?

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