Photo by Kimberlee Vardeman. Used per a Creative Commons license.

Anacortes needs community now more than ever.

As families further retreat into their homes for social media, Netflix binges, and video games, one thing American society didn't need was more social distancing. But the existential threat of COVID-19 forces us to adapt, and we're doing it!

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We're here to help!

This website is focused on helping Anacortes get through the #covidcrisis, and building the Anacortes community in the process. Let's practice physical distancing but social solidarity!

Keeping our local businesses afloat

Our town has weathered profound struggles and challenges before. Even though we may be apart, we'll get through the #covidcrisis together! We want to be a resource for what's available (and still open!) in Anacortes—during COVID-19 and beyond.

Taking suggestions

This website launched quickly, but will quickly evolve for more interactivity and easier updates. If you have anything to contribute, please contact us!

What's new?

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